The staff at Palmetto Stem Cell Clinic was very professional. They took time to carefully explain the procedure and to go over what to expect after the procedure. From the time that we entered until the time that we left, we felt that they were completely focused on our needs.
Ruth T.
Dr. Smith was very honest and open when answering our questions. He even took time after the seminar to answer personal questions from anyone wanting additional information. 
Had a great experience at your clinic and would recommend it to anyone. The staff was very knowledgeable about the product and the procedure
We enjoyed our visit yesterday. Dr. Worley, Amanda and Stacy were great. Thanks for following up!

Dr. Worley explained everything in detail. A great experience. Amanda was wonderful and she made us feel very comfortable. We will highly recommend your office.
Billy and Sally
My wife and I attended an informational meeting by Dr. Smith and the Palmetto Stem Cell Clinic at Savannah Lakes Village.
We were the first potential patients for the new clinic and saw Dr. Smith for a consultation. After analysis of our X-Ray, we discussed a plan moving forward.
This is where the story takes a turn and we learn about the integrity of Dr. Smith. Dr. smith took my wife’s hand and looked directly at her and said “If you were my mother I would tell you to take an RA drug and not undertake this procedure because I don’t have evidence that it would give you the kind of relief you are looking for”. He went on to reassure her that the upside, quality of life, would outweigh the downside risks.
Wow.....starting a new business and knowing that honest advice would not generate any money for Palmetto Stem Cell Clinic was a breath of fresh air that brought my wife to tears. I strongly believe in the science behind Stem Cell therapy but it was not the solution in this case. Dr. Smith and his new clinic have integrity, something that is rare in the world we live in today.
Ray and Tina