Stem Cell Therapy and Treatment

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

There are many different types of Stem Cell Therapy. At Palmetto Stem Cell in Greenwood, South Carolina, we specialize in Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy Injections. There is a reason why a child can heal from a cut or broken bone many times faster than a seventy-year old adult. Their Stem Cells are more effective and go immediately to work on repairing, rebuilding, and rejuvenating tissues in the body. These stem cells are collected after a healthy birth, where the parents have authorized their donation to help others, and then fully tested multiple times for all possible contamination or disease. They are then sent to us where we keep them cryogenically frozen in Nitrogen and we inject them directly into your joints needing repair or rejuvenation.

How can stem cell therapy benefit you?

Palmetto Stem Cell treats hands, backs, shoulders, back, elbows, hips, and most joints in the body. Our best success rates are in the hands and knees where we see over 80% effectiveness. By injecting these Stem Cells directly into your joints, they go immediately to work repairing, rebuilding, and rejuvenating the cartilage surrounding the joint restores the buffer space that you enjoyed when you were younger. Patients can see results in as little as six weeks, but the stem cells have a positive impact up to nine months.

Who is and Candidate and Why would you elect to try this treatment?

Just about any active male or female adult can benefit from this treatment. There are some types of injuries that are beyond non-evasive treatment, but for the most part, before you take more radical invasive surgical procedures, it is worth seeing if Umbilical Cord treatment can work for you. At Palmetto Stem Cell, we will do a one-on-one consultation, where you bring in your digital imaging, and meet with a clinic physician to discuss whether you a candidate for Stem Cell Therapy. If you are we can schedule your treatment sometimes the same day. It takes approx.. 30 minutes start to finish and the best part, there is literally no recovery time. Call Palmetto Stem Cell Clinic today to see if Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy is a good solution to help restore your quality of life.

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