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Welcome to Palmetto
Stem Cell Clinic

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As we get older, our body’s regenerative capabilities can wane, leaving us prone to a range of painful degenerative conditions.
Cells from a living 
healthy baby’s umbilical cord could change this, providing the proteins, stem cells and growth factors needed to promote cell renewal and healing.
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Injury Assessment
Do you suffer from pain in your back or your joints, such as hip or knee, which prevents you from living life to the fullest? Is walking, cycling, gardening, fishing, or exercising, no longer possible with out pain? If you are missing out on your Golden Years, you need to see a regenerative medicine physician for a consultation. They can determine if the newest innovations in stem cell therapies are right for you.
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The Treatment
The treatment is a simple non-surgical injection into the affected joint with no down time or lengthy recovery. You may maintain your normal lifestyle and allow the cells to create a balanced optimal environment in your joints so your body can repair itself. You should feel maximal results within 3-9 months at which time you can increase your activity levels to match your comfort, but understand that the regenerative process can continue for long periods of time.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.
stem cell clinic greenwood, sc
Regenerative Recovery
Umbilical cord cells contain growth factors, proteins, and stem cells that continue to produce additional growth factors and proteins for a period of time. These components have the potential to positively affect the environment inside the joint and to stimulate your own tissue to aid in the regenerative process while ALSO stimulating your NATIVE STEM CELLS to aid in regeneration.
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How Stem Cell Treatment Works

Umbilical cord cells include stem cells, growth factors and a range of other beneficial proteins and compounds. We only use umbilical cord blood which has been purified to get rid of any harmful substances that might cause rejection of the treatment by your body. We inject the treated cord blood into the affected area, where the various active compounds found in cord cells go to work immediately to begin inflammation reduction and the promotion of healthy cell division and renewal. Some of the active compounds at work include VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), IL-LRA (Interleukin-1, a receptor antagonist, stem cell factors (SCF), FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor-2) and Transforming Growth Factor-beta (TGF-beta). Each of these compounds has a slightly different effect, but the net result is that the damaged cells in your joints are given the ingredients they need to kick-start healthy renewal and regeneration. The injection creates a healthier environment that encourages positive, healing changes to take place. A better blood and oxygen supply to the area, a reduction in damaging chronic inflammation and stimulation of healthy tissue growth are all typical consequences of the minimally invasive stem cell treatments we provide. By using umbilical cord cells in this way, it’s possible to transform joint therapy into a holistic healing process that prompts the body to enhance its own regenerative efforts. This results in a natural process of joint health improvement in the weeks or months following the injection.
stem cell clinic greenwood, sc
The cells introduced to your body through the injection begin to work as soon as they enter the joint area. They change the complex balance of chemical reactions taking place in the area, causing inflammation to slow and regeneration to speed up. Your body already knows what to do to heal itself; our treatment just nudges it to accelerate the process. Some of the cells that form part of the treatment help your stem cells to respond to your joint trauma resulting in healthier support to the other important tissues surrounding your degenerated joint creating greater healing.